Lab Owl Benefits & Features

Lab Owl Benefits

No matter what size lab you have, the more automation, control and historical data you can apply to your experiments, the more successful you will be.  With Lab Owl you will have all of the information and capabilities that you need, right at your fingertips, to achieve more, all while working smarter and more efficiently with each new experiment or run.

Scientists can easily configure Lab Owl to achieve unique experiment goals while enjoying a highly scalable bioprocessing automation and control system that handles upstream process development through manufacturing.

Your lab team can use Lab Owl’s open bioreactor software system to accommodate a wide range of devices and instrumentation, making it an ideal lab automation and control solution regardless of bioreactor or technology types.

Your scientists can monitor, control and fix runs remotely, eliminating midnight lab runs with push notifications, including alarms, sent right to their devices.

Lab Owl records bioreactor data and laboratory information from all integrated analytical instruments, empowering your team to quickly identify bioreactor recipes that are working so your team can operate more efficiently.

Scientists and lab technicians will receive ongoing, expert customer support from day one. Bioreactor control system installation and setup is just the start of a long-term consultative support relationship.

Lab Owl is affordable and, even more importantly, you only pay for the lab automation and control your lab and scientists need.

Lab Owl Features

Lab Owl offers a host of flexible, modular bioreactor automation features that will streamline your cell culture and fermentation applications while seamlessly integrating custom aspects of your lab with the entire bioreactor control and information system configuration. 

  • Right out-of-the-box you get a fully integrated system including controller, HMI, probes, cables, pumps, motors and more
  • 21CFR Part 11 compliant Audit Trail and available IOQ templates makes it easier to deploy Lab Owl in your GMP environments
  • Lab Owl is highly scalable and can accommodate a wide range of control devices and instrumentation of various sizes, making it an ideal solution for development and manufacturing environments
  • Lab Owl is modular and built with industry standard components so when you need more you can easily expand it to meet your lab’s needs
  • Easily accommodates the physical bioreactor/s configuration
  • Save equipment setups for use on future experiments or to easily configure multiple bioreactors
  • Simple configuration of variable speed pump motor capabilities in ml/min rather than worrying about pump speed
  • Choose from a number of service options, including base, acid, and nutrient feed for each pump
  • Lab Owl’s intuitive set up wizards walk you through pH and DO calibration
  • Simple control methodology definition set up for each loop
  • Easily construct time or event triggered control functionalities—or recipes—that enable unattended operations like set-point changes and feeds
  • Leverage advanced dissolved oxygen controls where all control devices can be sub-loops to the DO loop, with the additional ability to run multiple sub-loops simultaneously
  • Material can be charged by flow rate or by weight using the optional scale interface where feed bottles (charging by loss in weight) or vessels (charging by gain in weight) can be put on the scale
  • Provides convenient remote access whether you’re in another building on your organization’s campus, at home or in transit
  • Easily configure the alarm limits for all process variables with notification available locally or at the station, as well as remotely via email, text message, and more
  • Records data from your bioreactors and data outputs from all integrated analytical instruments in a single, easy-to-search repository
  • Collects data that helps your team identify runs that are repeatable, robust, and produce just the right yield or desired outcome
  • Generates reports from Lab Owl’s historian (in Lab Owl standard format, Excel, or custom formats) and merges it with data from your other lab equipment

The Lab Owl bioreactor control and information system helps growth-stage life science companies do great science better.

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