Unprecedented Times Require a Combination of Camaraderie and Technology

Unprecedented Times Require a Combination of Camaraderie and Technology

We really believe in our bioreactor control and lab automation product, Lab Owl. It has helped many emerging biotechs and life science companies improve their lab performance in a cost effective way.

Across a wide range of measurables, Lab Owl helps research scientists become more efficient; it enables a lab to perform more reliable automated cell and fermentation runs without having to reinvent every recipe; the system enhances data collection and reporting and promotes information sharing across your lab, making collaboration among scientists easier than ever. 

And when things go awry as they sometimes do, your team can use Lab Owl’s remote control features to identify a problem and fix it without having to leave home and come into the lab at 2 am on a Wednesday or on a Saturday morning.

But what Lab Owl really does best is empower people to work together better. That’s the key. Great technology should create the time and space for smart people to create, innovate and look ahead instead of always having to put out a fire or reinvent the wheel every day. 

In uncertain times like these it is people, supported by outstanding tools and technology, that make a real difference. We’re seeing this every day in the fight against COVID-19; scientists are working at breakneck speed to develop COVID-19 testing, therapies and a eventually a viable vaccine, while folks outside of the life sciences have helped flatten the curve by social distancing, washing their hands, and sacrificing each and every day for their neighbors. 

What we are seeing before our eyes now is technology, science and people coming together to solve a daunting problem. 

This is how great things happen.

We believe our technology is the best on the market, but we know that outstanding technology won’t deliver the best results without smart, great people on our end and yours collaborating, communicating and adjusting to maximize what we can do together.

We’re all in this together. Our team of lab automation and remote bioreactor control experts have always gone above and beyond to make things happen for our clients and we continue to do so during the COVID-19 crisis. 

We feel Lab Owl and our team’s work is now more important and more meaningful than ever with social distancing restrictions limiting the number of scientists in the lab at any one time. Automation and being able to remotely control lab and fermentation runs or cell and gene therapy processes is critical to keeping R&D moving forward during these unprecedented times.

We’ve been able to help myriad, emerging life science companies scale up and improve their lab capabilities often within limited, early-stage budgets. We’ve seamlessly integrated Lab Owl to work with refurbished lab equipment and tailored our tech and services to meet our clients needs, no matter how unique or unconventional. 

But don’t take it from us. Listen to our client and partners. We are so very proud and humbled by the kind words our collaborators have said about the Lab Owl product and our team over the years.

“The LabOwl system has been instrumental in our research.  We are a small company that normally runs our fermenter manually, which means long hours of sitting around to monitor its operation. Since incorporating LabOwl we have never looked back – now monitoring the fermenter is a remote and easy process.  Any issues we have encountered were swiftly corrected by technical support, which has given us care and attention unmatched by any other service provider.” 

“We went through numerous other providers to get our problems solved and everybody failed, and then Lab Owl came in and just made it happen.”

Dr. Natalia Oganesyan, Fina BioSolutions

“All of the people we worked with from Lab Owl were collaborative and wanted to work with us rather than coming in and saying, ‘It costs this. What do you mean you can’t afford it?’ They wanted to see how they could make it work and get a long term relationship going. We are going to grow and Lab Owl will be in a position to help us scale moving forward.”

Darryl Sampey, CEO, Biofactura

“People drive progress and growth, not technology alone. This is a central tenet of how we operate. We appreciate the relationships we’ve built and sustained over the years. The current crisis has only deepened this appreciation and has inspired our team to keep driving forward.”

David Hicks, COO, Kemp Proteins

We want to say thank you to all of our clients, partners, and colleagues. If we can provide value to make your work more manageable, please reach out to Kurt to discuss options

Stay safe and healthy.

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