See What Experts Say About the Latest in Lab Automation and the Role of Sensors

Lab Owl recently participated in a virtual panel event called “The Latest in Lab Automation and the Role of Sensors.”

Lab Owl’s CEO Michael Blechman moderated the panel along with Scientific Bioprocessing, Inc.’s President John Moore. The outstanding panel lineup included Ohad Karnieli, the Founder and CEO of Adva Biotechnology; Vic Ronchetti, Senior VP, Technical Director at Lab Owl; and Jake Boy, Senior Application Scientist with Scientific Bioprocessing.

The virtual event focused on the latest in lab automation and sensing technology and how each is reshaping cell culture and bioprocessing. Lab automation and bioreactor control systems like Lab Owl and the real-time data monitoring made possible by SBI’s sensor technology are helping both large biopharma companies and smaller scale, emerging organizations break down barriers to stronger, more efficient lab performance. Deploying Lab Owl and optical sensing in the lab can help companies enhance efficiency, eliminate human error, reduce overall costs, and increase FDA approval outcomes for more products.

Topics discussed included:

  • Small scale to commercial automation solutions
  • Bioreactor control and information systems
  • Sensor and instrumentation technologies for your lab
  • Automation for autologous cell manufacturing
  • Laboratory software and data solutions

“We were thrilled to be able to moderate and participate in this important discussion about what more effective lab automation, sensing and controls can do for cell scientists and biotech companies seeking to move their product candidates toward commercialization in a fast, safe, and less expensive way,” stated Blechman.

“Lab Owl is a flexible, intelligent, scalable, and modular lab automation and controls tool that is delivering tremendous benefit to our customers,” he added. “We’re excited to share our expertise and proud to have been able to be on a panel with SBI and Adva.”

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