The Lab Owl Team

Kevin Hannigan


Kevin oversees all aspects of ACC and Lab Owl’s operations. He defines business development strategy and customer solutions. He also establishes target markets and measurable goals for ACC and Lab Owl’s product development initiatives. Kevin has deep managerial experience with large, multi-disciplinary projects and integrating new industries and technologies into ACC and Lab Owl’s portfolio. His industry experience includes biotech, pharmaceutical, electric utility, medical devices, consumer products and commercial facilities. 

Kevin joined ACC in 1988 as a project engineer, subsequently becoming a Project Manager, Manager of Engineering and Executive Vice-President. Prior to joining ACC, Kevin worked as a project engineer for Nabisco. He became president of ACC and Lab Owl in 2017. He holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers University.

Michael Blechman

Strategic Advisor

In addition to providing strategic guidance and planning for ACC and Lab Owl, Michael focuses on specific growth initiatives and oversees financial management. He is a passionate advocate for ACC’s central theme of building long-term relationships with customers, employees and vendor-partners. Michael has an unwavering belief in employee development, the importance of innovation in business processes and personal and corporate integrity. He firmly believes these elements are keys to ACC and Lab Owl’s longevity, stability and sustained success.

Michael joined ACC in 1988 and worked as a sales engineer, product manager and general manager, before becoming President in 1996. He became the CEO of Lab Owl in 2017. Prior to joining ACC, he spent eight years with General Electric (GE) in a variety of sales and application engineering roles in the areas of variable speed drives, PLCs, robotics and vision systems. Michael has a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Arlene Weichert

Executive Vice President of Sales
ACC and Lab OwL

Arlene develops target markets and geographies, develops sales resources, and furthers the market awareness of ACC and Lab Owl and its capabilities. “Our customers have always come first. Our marketing strategy has always been to develop and grow customer relationships through the solutions and services ACC and Lab Owl provide. Our customers recognize the value there. My role is now fortified and expanded to provide even greater support for relationship building.”

Arlene establishes and maintains client connections, develops strategy, and works to expand ACC and Lab Owl’s business opportunities. She espouses ACC and Lab Owl’s philosophy of helping customers implement control and information technology that directly benefits their businesses through improvements to productivity, information visibility, and compliance.

Arlene joined ACC in 1990 and began her career as a project engineer before joining the sales team as a sales engineer, progressing to Manager of Sales & Marketing and then to her current position as Vice-President of Sales & Marketing. Prior to ACC, Arlene worked as an industrial engineer for DuPont. Arlene holds a BS Degree in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University.

Brian Allgaier

Senior Vice President OF Operations
ACC and Lab Owl

Brian leads ACC’s IT for OT organization which includes the OP/Station industrial workstation product line and the FYI Technology delivery arm. Brian’s team delivers infrastructure solutions to help position manufacturing and utility organizations for secure automation and digitization.

Prior to ACC, Brian worked with several providers of HMI/SCADA software and DCS products. He has a wealth of industry experience and knowledge.

Brian joined ACC in 1999. He has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Deep Process Automation Experience

Established in 1983, Automated Control Concepts (ACC) is an independent systems integrator delivering automation and manufacturing intelligence solutions to the industrial market. ACC helps businesses improve the efficiency, quality and compliance of their manufacturing operations through the strategic use of technology and standards. For more than 30 years, ACC has been building its reputation for excellence, strong customer advocacy and pragmatic innovation in process automation and manufacturing intelligence.