The Lab Owl Team

Kevin Hannigan


Kevin oversees all aspects of Lab Owl operations. He defines business development strategy and company initiatives for customer solutions, as well as sets goals for Lab Owl’s development and market focus.

Chris Monchinski


Chris spearheads Lab Owl’s manufacturing intelligence organization, providing leadership and guidance on initiatives involving Control-to-Enterprise integration, paperless records, and MES applications. He has significant experience with a wide variety of technology including various automation platforms, databases, and communication protocols.

Mike Stephens

Senior Vice President of Business Development and Marketing
ACC and Lab OwL

Mike brings a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to Lab Owl as Senior Vice President Business Development and Marketing. With a deep understanding of digital transformation and its impact on businesses, Mike is responsible for leading the digital transformation and marketing departments, as well as helping develop the company’s corporate messaging.

Brian Allgaier

Senior Vice President OF Operations
ACC and Lab Owl

Brian leads ACC’s IT for OT organization which includes the OP/Station industrial workstation product line and the FYI Technology delivery arm. Brian’s team delivers infrastructure solutions to help position manufacturing and utility organizations for secure automation and digitization.

Prior to ACC, Brian worked with several providers of HMI/SCADA software and DCS products. He has a wealth of industry experience and knowledge.

Brian joined ACC in 1999. He has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Deep Process Automation Experience

Established in 1983, Automated Control Concepts, LLC. (ACC) delivers smart solutions to manufacturers through the strategic use of digital technologies, advanced analytics, automation & artificial intelligence. By providing the “right information, to the right people, at the right time,” ACC enables our clients to leverage the full value of their operational data across the entire manufacturing value chain.