Lab Owl™ Extends Shelf-Life of Legacy Equipment to Maximize Budget Impact and Lab Performance

Emerging life science companies face many challenges, not the least of which is making the most out of every budget dollar. Whether it’s funding from angel investment and Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants, younger, growth-stage bioscience organizations need to make the most of what they have, bridging the gap until they secure additional funding support.

Securing additional funding from venture capital firms depends on companies providing proof of concept and fostering confidence among investors that a product has commercial promise. Nearly all early-stage, emerging biotechs struggle to patch together the high-functioning equipment, technology and processes to develop quality products that can take it to the next funding and development stage. 

Existing, older equipment, refurbished instruments and other second hand tools create inefficiencies and inconsistencies, often forcing companies into highly manual processes that are vulnerable to human error and/or equipment breakdown. Even when a “Frankenstein Lab”, pulled together from disparate bits and pieces obtained on a shoestring budget, performs reasonably well, the general lack of integration, communication and automation among instruments, equipment and the scientists managing a run is highly inefficient, at best.

Lab Owl™ is an affordable, open architecture, automated bioreactor control system that can be a true game changer for emerging life science companies struggling to conduct cell culture and fermentation processes with second hand, older or refurbished legacy lab equipment. 

Because of its open architecture and technology agnostic design, the Lab Owl lab automation system can easily integrate with a company’s legacy equipment, enhancing process efficiency, product quality and data capture while reducing human error and increasing experiment repeatability. The result is greater efficiency, consistent reliability, higher quality cell culture and fermentation runs, stronger proof of concept and making the absolute most of every budget dollar available. 

What’s more, Lab Owl is highly scalable so it can grow right alongside an evolving life science organization. Lab Owl can be affordably added to legacy equipment to extend its life while establishing a unified lab automation and control platform that allows easy migration to new controllers and reduces company investment in training, as adapting new systems and equipment is simplified once Lab Owl is on watch. 

With Lab Owl your company will enjoy:

  • Easy set up and scalability. In just a few simple steps, the Lab Owl system can be configured to achieve your unique  experiment goals.. The interface was designed to be easy to use for everyone, from your lab techs to your Research Directors. The technology can also grow as you grow, helping your scientists from development through scale-up into manufacturing.
  • Outstanding Flexibility. Lab Owl was built as an open system to accommodate a wide range of control devices and instrumentation, making it an ideal solution no matter what kind of bioreactors or other technology you utilize in your lab. Any user can also easily set control schemes and custom recipes using macros to automate their unique processes to achieve consistent results. Now you have the ability to easily run the experiments exactly how you want to so you can advance your research without limitations. If you need to extend capabilities, LabOwl was built for easy “plug and play” upgrades.
  • Secure, Remote Monitoring. Scientists no longer have to come to the lab in the middle of the night to monitor and fix runs. Monitoring and control can all be done remotely, with push notifications, including alarms, sent right to a device. Automation and remote monitoring reduces staff burnout and can vastly reduce human error.
  • Data Collection & Reporting. Lab Owl not only records data from your bioreactors, it captures data output from all integrated analytical instruments. Collection of all your data makes it easier to identify run issues and to fix them. The system empowers your team to quickly solve issues and identify what’s working so you can do more of it, more efficiently.
  • Outstanding, Ongoing Support. You and your scientists will have access to ongoing, expert customer support from day one. Installation and setup is just the start of a long-term consultative support relationship that lets you focus on your research knowing we’re there to make sure your technology is always working the way you need it to. 
  • Strong Return on Investment. When compared to other automated control systems, Lab Owl is affordable and, even more importantly, you only pay for what you need. As your needs change, as you grow, you can make strategic, easily implemented upgrades so the platform can grow with you.

Lab Owl is a true difference maker for labs at emerging biotech companies whose survival depends on their ability to perform consistently, produce accurate and reliable data and remain agile. 

Integration, consistency, repeatability, affordability and agility are the name of the game for growth-stage bioscience companies. Lab Owl can give you all this and more at an affordable price. 

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