Lab Owl®: A True Growth Accelerator for
Kemp Proteins

Cost Effective Bioreactor Control System Yields Wide Array Benefits for Leading Gene-to-Protein Service Provider

In March 2019, Kempbio announced that it had been acquired by Six.02 Bioservices and was subsequently relaunched as Kemp Proteins. The acquisition, and the consistent success that led up to it, reflect Kemp Proteins’ status as a leading growth-stage bioservices organization.

Like any company, Kemp Proteins needed to maximize its return on investment. To properly fit-out its newly expanding lab space, the organization purchased seven refurbished, high-end brand bioreactor units for protein development. Acquiring this equipment was an initial boon for the company as it was getting top-line bioreactors at significantly less cost. However, getting these refurbished bioreactors of different makes and models to communicate became a daunting and unexpected challenge.

Kemp Proteins heard high praise of Lab Owl from other respected life science companies and the two teams joined forces to solve these bioreactor challenges. 

Outstanding Service To Make Your Life Easier

From initial meeting through specification, set up, and installation, Lab Owl is with you every step of the way. Lab Owl can remotely monitor and trouble-shoot your runs in real time to ensure that you are achieving your desired results.

Over-Engineered Quality

Lab Owl is built for reliability, performance and consistency so that your focus can be on your experiments, not on service calls. We want to to make sure that the Lab Owl equipment and system are working perfectly so you can focus on the science.

Setup Is Clear And Easy

Lab Owl is incredibly easy to set up and configure. Viewing, reporting on and exporting data is a breeze. The friendly interface makes it easier for other lab personnel to operate the system, freeing up scientists for increased lab production and efficiency.

What Kemp Proteins is Saying...

“All of the people we worked with from Lab Owl were collaborative and wanted to work with us rather than coming in and saying, ‘It costs this. What do you mean you can’t afford it?’ They wanted to see how they could make it work and get a long term relationship going. We are going to grow and Lab Owl will be in a position to help us scale moving forward.”

Two Major Lab Owl® Features

that Set Up Kemp Proteins for Future Growth….

Like any emerging life science company, maximizing budget dollars is critical. The Lab Owl team worked with Kemp Proteins to maximize their investment in refurbished lab equipment by linking and automating equipment of different makes, models, and capabilities to operate within a single, integrated control system. 

Kemp Protein’s refurbished lab equipment, which could not communicate previously, was transformed into a user-friendly, intuitive system that has helped the organization build-out standard operating procedures, increase process reliability and predictability and streamline training and knowledge sharing across its lab team. 

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