How Lab Owl Works

Lab Owl makes it easy to view, manage, control, and fine tune all the elements, parameters, and components of both your experiments and systems

On the Home screen you can see all the bioreactors that are connected to your system. When you click on each bioreactor you can see all the details and components related to that bioreactor. For example, all control loops, pumps, MFC’s and agitator information is available, and you can further click on each one of those items to view a pop-up which allows you to both view, adjust and fine tune the parameters of each. Lab Owl also features a unique wizard which guides you through each step of the pH and DO Probe calibration process.


Clicking on the Macros button in the Navigation Bar takes you into the Macros feature which includes both the Manager and Editor function. This powerful tool allows you to set up every step of an experiment run, save it, then select and re-run it later without having to re-enter every step from hand written lab notes. This can prevent human errors and save you a lot of time, frustration and money. It also allows you to automate your experiment runs rather than it being a highly manual process.

Name your experiment runs. You can then capture all your data allowing you to document, track, analyze and revisit.

Lab Owl makes it easy to organize your experiment runs. First, you give it a title and a brief description. Next, you can create run markers, and take samples during the run. Lab Owl keeps track of each sample taken assigning it a time, value, user, and all other pertinent information. Then, click on Sample Manager in the navigation bar and you’ll see a list of every sample taken during this experiment run.  The Historical Data button in the navigation bar allows you to see, analyze, and do a deep dive into all the data related to your run. Then finally, the data log button gives you all the information you need about the run, including data, audit log trail (for 21CFR part 11 compliance), sample data, and more. All of this information can easily be exported by clicking on the Export button at the bottom of the page.  

Notifications and Remote Access

The Notification button on the Navigation Bar directs you to a unique feature that allows you to select any user to receive remote/mobile notifications about your experiment runs. You can select any parameter within the run, the notification details, as well as the message to be sent to the individual user. Also, you can decide whether that notification is delivered by email or text message. This powerful feature can provide enormous peace of mind to the scientist or other lab personnel by simply notifying them of important events that occur during a run… whether expected or unexpected. Once notified, the user can log into the Lab Owl system remotely and make any necessary corrective changes. This makes it possible to potentially save an entire run, which also saves your lab and company time and money.

Lab Owl Features

Lab Owl offers a host of flexible, modular bioreactor automation features that will streamline your cell culture and fermentation applications while seamlessly integrating custom aspects of your lab with the entire bioreactor control and information system configuration. 

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