The Lab Owl® and Fina Biosolutions Case Study

Fina Biosolutions works to develop affordable vaccines for low-income countries.

 FinaBio was struggling to achieve consistent results with their existing fermenter control system. The system was unreliable and frequently unavailable for use due to inconsistent and expensive servicing. FinaBio had the vendor update the software, which then resulted in a complete system shut down.

With an important vaccine project and partnership with a major global health foundation, FinaBio turned to Lab Owl®, who not only provided them with a superior system, but exceeded expectations with “outstanding service, support and follow-up” throughout the entire process. 

Outstanding Service To Make Your Life Easier

From initial meeting through specification, set up, and installation, Lab Owl is with you every step of the way. Lab Owl can remotely monitor and trouble-shoot your runs in real time to ensure that you are achieving your desired results.

Over-Engineered Quality

Lab Owl is built for reliability, performance and consistency so that your focus can be on your experiments, not on service calls. We want to to make sure that the Lab Owl equipment and system are working perfectly so you can focus on the science.

Setup Is Clear And Easy

Lab Owl is incredibly easy to set up and configure. Viewing, reporting on and exporting data is a breeze. The friendly interface makes it easier for other lab personnel to operate the system, freeing up scientists for increased lab production and efficiency.

What Fina Bio is Saying

“Over-engineered…in every good way!” “Lab Owl is quality-built for reliability, performance, and consistency. In other words, it is built to make the customer happy and successful.”
Andrew Lees CEO of Fina Biosolutions
Chief Scientific Officer
Fina Biosolutions
“Every run since set-up has been perfect!” “I don’t have to make any adjustments at all during runs. The system runs flawlessly and gives me an incredibly robust protein output each time.”
Lead Scientist
Fina Biosolutions
“Indispensable to our work!” “The incredible ease of setup, configuration, monitoring, and data output make Lab Owl indispensable.”
Lead Technician
Fina Biosolutions

Two Major Lab Owl® Features

that improved Fina Bio’s process…

Overlapping the contribution of agitator speed, air flow and oxygen flow, in order to maintain the desired Dissolved Oxygen set point, reduced oscillation – helped to provide more consistent experiments.

Allows adjustment of the nutrient feed rate in step with the cell doubling rate.  This allowed Fina’s scientists to setup the ramp overnight to make automatic set point adjustments  – rather than needing to wake up at 3 or 4 am to change the set point manually!

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Successful Runs without Issue, and Counting!
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For overall product quality and reliability AND for customer support. Among our customers!

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