Learn How University of Maryland's BREP Utilized Lab Owl® for Advanced Bioprocess Training

Lab Owl gave students hands-on experience with the latest advances in bioreactor automation, process control and information technology.

For more than 20 years, the University of Maryland Biotechnology Research and Education Program (BREP) has been conducting a workforce development course for biopharma professionals. The course focuses on upstream and downstream process development with students from the FDA, CDC and NIH, as well as industry. During the upstream portion of the course – focused on cell culture and fermentation process development – students would go back and forth between the lab and classroom to set up experiments, monitor runs, determine progress and perform adjustments or corrections.

Wanting to create a richer experience for the students, the UMD’s BREP team turned to Lab Owl®.  Our remote access feature allowed students to view their experiment runs in “real time” from the classroom – a first for the annual UMD’s BREP training course. Students and faculty expressed this was the highlight of the course on upstream development.

Outstanding Service To Make Your Life Easier

From initial meeting through specification, set up, and installation, Lab Owl is with you every step of the way. Lab Owl can remotely monitor and trouble-shoot your runs in real time to ensure that you are achieving your desired results.

Over-Engineered Quality

Lab Owl is built for reliability, performance and consistency so that your focus can be on your experiments, not on service calls. We want to to make sure that the Lab Owl equipment and system are working perfectly so you can focus on the science.

Setup Is Clear And Easy

Lab Owl is incredibly easy to set up and configure. Viewing, reporting on and exporting data is a breeze. The friendly interface makes it easier for other lab personnel to operate the system, freeing up scientists for increased lab production and efficiency.

What BREP is Saying

“With Lab Owl, we finally have a connection between the classroom and the lab (in real time).”
Ben Woodward Headshot
Ben Woodard
BREP Program Director, UMD
"Lab Owl made our lives so much easier! Being able to monitor our experiments remotely was invaluable. It allowed us to see and diagnose potential issues long before they became a problem. Our experiments all ran more smoothly using Lab Owl software."
Jeffrey Clar Headshot
Jeffrey Clark
BREP Fermentation Specialist
"Lab Owl enables us to see data without being present in the lab, a great advantage to our staff and students. Our data collection is more organized as a result of the Lab Owl software.”
Kevin Knapstein Headshot
Kevin Knapstein
Manager, Bioprocess Scale-Up Facility (BSF)

Two Major Lab Owl® Features

that improved BREP’s process…

Allowed the University of Maryland’s BREP team to conduct their training on advances in laboratory automation for fermentation and cell culture control in a more engaging way.

Scientists and laboratory personnel no longer have to come to the lab to monitor and fix runs.  In fact, they can be anywhere at any time and remotely login to access run data and view status.

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