Bioreactor Control Solution

The Only Bioreactor Control System You’ll Ever Need

The Only Bioreactor Control System
You’ll Ever Need

Lab Owl® is a flexible, fully integrated, remote access bioreactor control and information system for cell culture, fermentation, regenerative medicine, cell and gene therapy applications. Lab Owl features an easy-to-use interface for bioreactor automation and process control that is highly adaptable and has been leveraged in applications ranging from development labs operating bench-top parallel bioreactors to pilot plants and manufacturing operations.

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How Lab Owl Benefits Your Lab

The esteemed scientific journal Nature surveyed nearly 1,600 researchers and found that 70% had tried and failed to reproduce another scientist’s experiment and more than 50% failed to reproduce their own experiments. Bioreactor automation, information control and targeted customization can have a tremendous positive impact on development lab performance.