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What Is Lab Owl?

Lab Owl, Bioreactor Control System is a cutting-edge, fully integrated, and flexible solution designed to revolutionize the biotechnology industry. This remote access system is specifically tailored for cell culture, fermentation, regenerative medicine, and cell and gene therapy applications. It offers a unique blend of automation and control, providing users with unparalleled access and oversight over their bioreactor processes.

Why customers love lab owl

Scientists can easily configure Lab Owl to achieve unique experiment goals while enjoying a highly scalable bioprocessing automation and control system that handles upstream process development through manufacturing.

Your lab team can use Lab Owl’s open bioreactor software system to accommodate a wide range of devices and instrumentation, making it an ideal lab automation and control solution regardless of bioreactor or technology types.

Your scientists can monitor, control and fix runs remotely, eliminating midnight lab runs with push notifications, including alarms, sent right to their devices.

Lab Owl records bioreactor data and laboratory information from all integrated analytical instruments, empowering your team to quickly identify bioreactor recipes that are working so your team can operate more efficiently.

Scientists and lab technicians will receive ongoing, expert customer support from day one. Bioreactor control system installation and setup is just the start of a long-term consultative support relationship.

Lab Owl is affordable and, even more importantly, you only pay for the lab automation and control your lab and scientists need.

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Thank you to all of Lab Owl’s partners, customers, and suppliers that have contributed to our success since we launched at the start of 2018. We take great pride in our work and get tremendous satisfaction from helping emerging life science companies grow. From our team to yours, thank you for your support and we look forward to working with you in the years ahead.

Kevin Hannigan, CEO, Lab Owl